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01 August 2017, Written by RR9898, Views: 117

New clean site design



Welcome to our new site. Here you can get latest version of AutoScreenCap, read news, disscuss and much more...

  • Blog - is the place of all news about AutoScreenCap and another featured software...
  • Downloads - all software links are here
  • Contacts - here your can leave message directly to home page owner. Feel free to add your suggestions and propositions.
  • Donation - AutoScreenCap may be used free of charge, but if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources the author expended developing and supporting it over the years, I do accept and appreciate donations.
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About the Author



Author of AutoScreenCap utility and this site. Blog, news, software updates and much much ore you can find on this site. Feel free to contact me with suggestions and propositions. Thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

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  • userX


    04 August 2017 at 10:42 |
    Nice, clean site! good luck!


  • oxm1990


    05 August 2017 at 09:35 |
    Good job. Keep going...


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Portable applications can be stored on any data storage device, including internal mass storage, a file share, cloud storage or external storage such as USB drives and floppy disks

Intuitive layout

AutoScreenCap has intuitive interface, flexible settings, internet update features, autostart options. Also screen shots cand be stored on any drives including FTP servers  

Free download

Absolutely free download for all versions of AutoScreenCap. Over 46000> downloads. High software rating and positive reviews of Sourceforge users.